In the spring of 1951, in order to assist the homeless children and also to remember the spirit of loyalty (the "Chung Yi" spirit in Chinese) of her great-grandfather General LIU Ming-Chuan in Taiwan, Mom Liu (Madam LIU De-Cen) established a shelter to care for both the bodies and souls of the homeless children which was known as "Private Chung Yi Orphanage".

In 2004 in order to continue our care for the disadvantaged children and to provide more services to benefit children’s welfare and allow our organization to continue growing, the institute was reorganized as a national foundation and changed its name to "Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation".

With the change of time Chung-Yi has adjusted its service contents based on children’s needs.

-1989 Primarily for abandoned babies, abused children and children with unexpected changes in their original families


-1951-1986 Refugees and orphanages


1998-2001 Nursery home for unfortunate girls


2004 Transferred into nationwide foundation


2005 "Oasis Home" was established for short-term emergency foster National and International foster service

2009 "Juveniles' Home" was established to foster teenagers


2009-2010 "Babies' Home" is now under reconstruction